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Loudna and the Strings of time:
War of Taar

Coming soon


Discover the Ancilian's universe

Not-a-woman-nor-a-healer-but-a-warrior is a tongue twister.  What is your name, Dragon Slayer?

Born Florane, she had no choice but to become her twin, Florian. He threw himself in front of the dragon to save her. From that moment, she took his destiny. Thirteen years later, she must gain her colours and earn her place among the great warriors of Samony. To do so, she must ​ defeat Travis. I need the dragon slayer to win this war. Let's hope the men will let her fully embrace her destiny!

This trip back in time was supposed to be simple: save the twins, train them to become warriors, win the war and come home. Even if I knew everything that was written about Loudna, a.k.a. me, in the old books, when the Ancilians interfere, nothing ever goes according to plan. From one quantum event to the next, I will have to realign the strings of time in order to restore my present.

Coming soon
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