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Welcome (Bienvenue) to my quantum world of fiction

Discover the universe of the Ancilians where space and time are relative and reality depends on the observer

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A.B. Alabee SFF indie author

Who Am I?

My story, my passion

A summary of my life

Born in the City of Quebec, in the Spring of 1969, I spent my childhood on Orleans Island in the ancestral house of my mother’s family. I was dreaming of becoming an astronaut and filled all my spare times with writing stories, reading – mostly science fiction – playing in the countryside with friends and practising music. Passionate about space, I was greatly interested in physics and mathematics. Literature attracted me and I chose to visit this option when I first started university. After this brief interlude in humanities, I returned to sciences. My next step surprised me more than anyone else: I changed direction and studied biology. I discovered a vast unexplored universe: the human brain. Following postgraduate degrees in neuroscience, my academic career took me to England, then Denmark before settling in England. I have lived in Southampton since 2002 with my husband and our two girls. I have left the laboratories a few years ago to start my company of consultants in biomedical innovations.


The Birth of My Passion

My CV gives a concise idea of my professional experience. My passions are rooted in an earlier time. When I was little, my grandmother, or Annette as she wanted us to call her, was telling us stories in which my brothers and I were the heroes. It was always in Lac Long and filled with bears and all creatures of the forest. I also have great recollections of parties with the Lavoie family who would recall childhood anecdotes. 

As a child I was inventing adventures. As time went by, I refused to abandon my imaginary universe. When I started school, I discovered I could consign to paper all those ideas. Some scribbles only lasted for a few lines, but sometimes, I find full sagas. As a teen, I was the girl who wrote stories and, like Annette, I was including all my friends in my parallel world. Throughout adulthood, I carried a pen and a notepad, still do, but the smartphone has become more versatile. It’s funny to read back the ideas because I don’t write like that any more. However, since they capture different periods in my life, they remain a source of inspiration.

Giving Life to My Characters

Why did I wait so long to publish? When the time came to choose a future or myself, I was faced with three options: would I become a writer, a musician or a scientist? It’s hard to imagine now, but back then, I was shy and lacked confidence. Laboratories are safe environments, away from the performing scene, the readers, the critics… However, I don’t regret my scientific career. I had to speak in public, write, learn to deal with criticisms. It has given me a deep understanding of the human spirit. Following the introspection of 2020, I learned to self-published and became an indie author.

Join me to discover where this journey will take us. 

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